Huge Facebook Data Breach

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There is a whole of things going on this year and multiple times there have been reminders about privacy concerns online. Facebook has been a huge social media platform for years now and has failed multiple times to keep users safe. This year Facebook is the name that pops up most when it comes to the online privacy of users. More than once has it been that facebook failed to keep user’s privacy safe. At the same time, Facebook is also seen monitoring its users without their permission. Now as a Facebook user you should probably ask if your personal data is safe or not.

Most likely your data is not so safe as after multiple failures yet again Facebook failed this time with a major data leak found online. Facebook is growing rapidly as it is clear after the news of the development of the Operating System by Facebook is everywhere. The tech giant has somehow compromised data of 267 Million users and it is kind of alarming. This data record is huge and was found by researchers online at Elasticseach and was first discovered on the 4th of December. Later this record was seen as a download on Elasticsearch and was later reported to the ISP connected with IP address by researchers.

The record or data was later removed and it was present online for almost two weeks. This record doesn’t have any kind of sensitive information of users like passwords etc. There were phone numbers, names, Facebook profiles, etc present in this huge record that can be used to target users for scams. It makes a good example of online privacy and safety that you as a user are missing. Numerous cybercriminals are working to collect such data and leaking information that they can collect online.


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