Twitter Android Users Warned Of Potential Account Takeover

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Among the long list of social media platforms, one of the top social media platforms is Twitter. One thing that is common among all social media platforms is that users always become vulnerable from time to time. Some times it’s the attacks and other times the loopholes cause the trouble. Twitter also had a similar problem with a loophole that put the users under risk of account takeover. The bug mentioned by Twitter looks quite threatening if it were to be used as the personal accounts were at risk. People can get into a lot of trouble if their personal profile or account was to be accessed without their permission.

There was this bug that was putting users at great risk of getting hacked and accounts getting compromised. The process is not so simple but it is possible to overtake your Twitter account through the exploitation of this bug. A malicious code had to be introduced to your local storage of Twitter app to use this bug and our account gets into someone’s hand. While the existence of bug is accepted by Twitter there is no account of it being exploited. The bug was only limited to Android users with the Twitter app and now this bug is patched with the new update.

As per Twitter, all the Android users are getting warned about this bug and are suggested to update the app. The update includes a patch to this bug and its better to update as soon as you come around this news.No real victim of this bug yet confirmed and this seems to have gone without getting exploited. The threat was still big as the victim would have lost the account to the attacker. All the Twitter users on android should keep it quick while updating the Twitter app.



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