Malware Attack Makes Singapore Defense Data Vulnerable

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For this year malware attacks and data breach aren’t the most surprising thing as at different times these have been discovered. Data is either found online are remote websites or it is discovered that some bug is exploited to collect data. This time it is quite different and serious as it involves data on defense personnel that should be more confidential. A cyberattack has successfully collected the data that includes defense personnel data fro different vendors. Two of the security force vendors were attacked by malware and sensitive data that includes names, addresses, contacts, identification details, etc was collected.

This was reported by the ministry on its website on the details of the cyberattack that made sensitive data vulnerable. Data of around 100,000  Singapore defense personnel were leaked out in this malware attack aimed at the vendors. The two vendors that were attacked are ST Logistics Pte. and HMI Institue of Health Science and in total these two stored data of around 100,000 defense personnel. The attack on these two vendors make all the data present on them vulnerable and questions the security of such sensitive data. The officials have also tried to state that they are working on making sure the data remains safe on the system now.

The cyberattacks make a lot of questions and the defense cyber chief was quick to mention they are reviewing their cybersecurity standards. Cybersecurity of official data of government and defense is always of the highest priority yet they get vulnerable. This cyber-attack is alarming and is also an example of how the digital format might be easy to access but is always vulnerable. The data is not surely leaked but it as vulnerable with the malware attack and attacker could have accessed it.

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