Massive Data Breach In Wawa

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Everyone including you is used to paying through cards for the ease and it sure is an efficient way of making payment. As much as it is efficient the physical card be it credit and debit card have information that is meant to be kept private. Making a transition is possible without the physical card just with the information on it. Wawa is a well-known name for people that come through stores and fuel stations etc. Most of us use our personal credit and debit card to make payments at the stores and fuel stations. Now CEO of Wawa has stated that they have faced a huge data breach that affects multiple places.

This data breach included credit and debit card’s informations that were used at Wawa by customers. This affects the 850 different stores and the data includes all the cards used at these stores since March. As per the Wawa officials, the Debit card Pins, Credits card Security Codes and driver’s license were safe. The malware was reported by Wawa through a letter and made it public that a breach had happened affecting 850 different stores. The payments done on Wawa stores seem to be vulnerable with the malware and this has already done some damage.

This is not the newest news after all the different data breach cases that came around this year. Wawa did its best to keep the victim information to itself and didn’t exactly tell who were affected by this data breach. A lot of data breaches took place this year making good examples of privacy and security risks with digital features. With the right payment data even your bank account can be looted without you knowing. Such security risks are a lesson to other companies that are taking user’s privacy lightly.

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