Face Recognition To Be Allowed In San Francisco

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Facial Recognition is one of the security features that have been around for some time now and is also one of the common features now. While as cool as it is an unlocking device just by being in front of it the feature is questioned a lot. A lot of time it is debated on how it is not as secure as the passcodes are, as the face isn’t the most unique thing. People have similar faces and also it is possible to get masks to have the appearance as well making this not the most secure feature. For different reasons, San Francisco had a ban on Face recognition on devices.

Now, this ban on Face Recognition was loosened after the amendment that was voted by the city supervisors. The amendment has allowed FaceID on newer iPhones as well as other devices that support facial recognition features. Most of the other features are counted as important and can’t be given alternatives for while Face recognition is always overthrown by passcodes. Workers were not really allowed to use the FaceID feature and were supposed to use passcodes on their iPhones. Now the ban is lifted from the personal devices and FaceID is allowed to be used on them.

It is not really possible to avoid the Face recognition feature at this stage as it is a common feature nowadays. Not only the expensive devices from premium brands but the mid-range and low budget devices have such features. The authorities have tried hard to make it less of an option but it is inevitable with the abundance of same on smartphones. Seems the Face recognition still has some time before it becomes acceptable to the level that no one questions its security.

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