New California Law Gives Costumers Control Over Their Data

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A lot of things have been going around this year with privacy on the internet being a serious topic worldwide. It wasn’t a lot of trouble until a whole lot of companies were found spying on users and collecting data from them. Different websites and social media platforms have been doing this for some time now and this eventually got some spotlight. Privacy on the internet is a big concern nowadays as people are more aware of the background business based on this data going on. Most of the tech giants are involved in the data collecting to use it in various ways.

The most common use is to research and develop their own product and next majorly used is targeted ads that are proof that you are getting monitored. After a lot of mess all over the world with a lot of data collection news, many major laws are made. One of the many such laws is California data protection law that also happened to make a lot of news. These laws are made with all the things that you might need to stay safe from the surveillance going on the internet. The new California Law now gives you control over your data to a better extent.

Until recently companies were using the collected data however they wanted to use it be it ads or for development. Now you get to choose what your data should be accessed for. It’s more like the law allows you to choose if your data should be collected of not. This can also save you from targeted ads that you might be seeing after searching for products online. You can also choose to get your data deleted from companies that are collecting it behind the scene for some time now.

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