Mozilla Firefox Counters The Sneaky Websites

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There are many web browsers available out there for you to select from but the most efficient and safe should be chosen. Most of the web browsers are used just fro browsing and most of the time people seek downloading features. You might also prioritize downloading while selecting a browser for yourself. Sometimes the size and requirements of a browser also matter depending on what device you want to use it on. Only a few might be aware of the privacy and safety features that matter a lot while browsing on the internet. Mozilla Firefox has been one of the popular web browsers and now it has come up with something again.

The popular web browser has tried to tackle the sneaky websites that try to collect your data. These sneaky websites are always aiming for the user’s data and this is usually done using the cache. Many websites that you visit are using cookies and this is how they get into your data. Cookies are meant to make your visit to the website a record and help in recognizing users that have visited the website before. These cookies can be easily used to track your browsing nature and can also help in targeting you based on your browsing.

Websites are on to something all the time and your data is vulnerable to them as long as you accept their cookies. There are tricks that you might know as supercookies or browser fingerprinting that collect browsing data from you once you get tricked into it by a website. Firefox is working on its anti fingerprinting codes to make sure the user doesn’t get into it. Many web browsers overlook such things and user’s privacy gets vulnerable to website makers that are tricking users to target them.


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