California Privacy Law Doesn’t Make Facebook To Change Web Tracking

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There have been a lot of privacy laws going around this year and the mainstream companies are affected by it. Companies like Google and, Facebook, are a common example of how privacy laws are actually useful. The tech giants have changed some things about how they handle their customer’s data as most of the companies are selling and processing this data. Facebook has even faced legal actions over privacy and from time to time new such cases arise. Google seems to do fine while following all the privacy laws to a good extent. Facebook doesn’t seem to be following everything that much as it still gets into privacy-related news and the same is covered here.

This is about the California Privacy Law that was put forward when Facebook told its advertisers it doesn’t need to make any changes to the web tracking services. The company believes that its data handling is not similar to the data selling mentioned in California Consumer Privacy Law. This step by Facebook shows how the Privacy Law doesn’t cover its process and services. Google had made changes by adding new tools following the California Privacy Law. Users can opt-out to not allow data selling if they want to with the new tool.

California Privacy Law new and is yet to come in effect next year so people will be allowed to choose how their data will be used. The basic requirement of the selling of data is not fulfilled by how trackers of Facebook send data to Facebook. While Google has taken proper steps even before the California Privacy Law has come to effect Facebook ditched the need to do the same. Seems like Facebook is going to make an effort proving how they don’t fall under the new Law.

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