Are You Getting Monitored On Internet?

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The time spent by us on the internet has only increased over time and the least concerning thing was personal data until long ago. The Internet is the type of service that keeps increasing the possibilities with it and so the dependence on the internet also increased. From emails to now making bill payments and sharing personal life internet is more into personal life. Just with the internet browsing data, it can be understood what you are thinking about and that’s where privacy is compromised. Your browsing is monitored by Google each time you make a search with it and the same goes for other services by Google.

Google has been doing this monitoring for some time now keeping the users under constant surveillance to make personalized ads possible. After searching for a product on google it’s not long before you see an ad of the same product while using the internet. This appearance of the advertisement itself is proof that your browsing was monitored and the browsing data was used without you knowing. A similar kind of privacy-compromising is taking place in some of the leading social media platforms. Facebook is the biggest probably with Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp all running with millions of active users.

Not long ago Facebook was in trouble for using customer’s data without their knowledge. It is just that sometimes such tech giants get busted so they have to face circumstances. Nobody knows what they collect from users but it is true these companies are monitoring users without them knowing it. The data is bought and sold internationally without anyone knowing as it happened this year. More and more cases of tech giants misusing their resources have disclosed how much we are in control of our personal data while using the internet.

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