How Much Vulnerable Are You To Internet?

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Technology and dependance on it in daily life have increased over the years and now we are on it every day every other hour. As much as everyone needs it the involvement of the same in personal life has increased to an extent that now it’s concerning. People that are aware of risks while using the internet also know how to tackle them at the same time. The issue is that not many are aware of simple things that make them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. There are things that can harm your personal life in different ways that can be by collecting your bank details or by recovering your social media account password.

Truth is now it’s not just about being aware as the biggest of companies are getting accused of stealing data from users. For some elderly people, Google is the internet and now this year turned out to be an eyeopener when Google is facing consequences for collecting data. Google has been collecting user data for its personalized advertisement and your browsing data is collected all the time by Google. What you search isn’t just limited to you and that’s how your personal life gets compromised by the most recommended search engine.

Social media platforms that are most common include Facebook and this tech giant is the most accused as for now. Facebook is always keeping users under surveillance and collects personal data without them knowing. Collecting data and then using it without the users knowing it is also a concern. It’s high time when people start using the internet with caution and understand how the websites or services they are using works. Records of millions of internet users get used and sold without them knowing until some discovers this and makes it news.

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