DuckDuckGo Over Google As A Search Engine?

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Google has been the leading search engine for a long long time and now that there have been a lot of privacy issues around people are looking for more options. The tech giant is also part of the list that is collecting user’s data and using it without their knowledge-creating a huge concern of privacy. Google has a lot of services and apps with millions of users around the world and everyone is part of their data collecting policy. DuckDuckGo has also been around for some time now and is one of the best options for anyone looking for secure Browsing.

The most concerning thing about Google is that it collects data from its users from different platforms that it have for personalized advertisement services. Internet browsing with google is under surveillance and this even had legal actions by different authorities over the world. Advertising based on data collected has created some trust issues and so now other search engines probably are what you need. DuckDuckGo is a great option as it gives the least of the privacy issues and doesn’t collect any of the data from users. It doesn’t make ads targeted and personalized for users based on collected browsing data.

DuckDuckGo fails as a search engine against Google with less number of regular users and less popularity but still holds the position second to it. It has some good points of itself and does a better job than Google when it comes to keeping user privacy. Recently CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey also mentioned that he prefers the DuckDuckGo search engine over Google for privacy assurance. A good search engine is the one that provides the best search results and with new concerning issues a search engine should not collect the browsing data from users.

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