Privacy And Security Features In iOS 13 Questioned

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Apple is quite a famous tech company with a large loyal customer base in the market and most of these people follow Apple for its safety features. The iPhones are quite secured devices that are not allowed to work with not many third-party apps. With some great security features that iOS has to provide iPhones by Apple are good to go in terms of privacy and security from external apps. The latest iOS version that was released along with the new iPhones this year was iOS 13 that introduced some new security features on iPhones. iOS users were provided with a new feature that gave more access to privacy and security on their phones.

The feature allows the user to control and see when an app is accessing something like location or Bluetooth, etc. Apps such as Google Maps can be restricted when it tries to access the location on iPhone and the user gets to know when the app accessed it. This feature works fine and was appreciated by all due to its effectiveness but now it was questioned by lawmakers in the U.S. for the wy=ay it works. Third-party apps facebook, google maps, etc are monitored by this feature while Apple’s own apps are left out of this feature. Apps like Location and Find my App that are by Apple aren’t monitored by iOS 13 and this puts them in a spot.

The iOS 13 is questioned to be anti-competitive due to the overlooking of Apple’s own apps while the security and privacy features work fine for other apps. Apple is working on privacy very well and isn’t backing away from its privacy management as they are also working on things that some developers pointed out in their Privacy changes.

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