Is Your Browsing Data Safe On Internet?

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Everybody is on their smartphones and laptops etc most of the time accessing internet for different purposes be it personal or work. The Internet is getting more and more crowded on the social media part with millions of active users on different platforms. The purpose of connecting people gets served but this also makes the life of these people more drove towards digital platforms. With the more and more digitalized data on user around the private life is getting into the hands of some countable companies. Google and Facebook are the biggest names on the internet and both theses are very well known to monitor the users and that’s just one way of saying compromising their private life.

Facebook as a company has Instagram and WhatsApp as well under it and recently the company is held accountable for using personal data of users. The company went under legal action and had to pay the price for the same but that didn’t stop it from using the user data. In this month there was also an issue that was found by researchers on how Facebook was accessing the camera on iOS devices with user’s permission. Google has a lot of users around the globe with android phones being the most used around. The private life and browsing data are used by Google for personalized ad making.

These were just some tech giants there are also some cases where officials or some record-keeping service fails to keep the data safe. Every week there is news on how different counties are making bills to secure internet privacy of people. Your browsing data that shows how you are using the internet and what websites you are using is stored by the tech giants without you knowing.

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