Facebook Brings Its New Research App

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Facebook is one of the huge tech companies that revolve around their user’s data for business. For some time for the same reason, Facebook is getting in trouble for this private data access. Recently the number of controversies has only increased that lead to privacy concerns at the international level. Authorities worldwide are taking steps and companies and held accountable for any data business this also included Google. Facebook was even made to pay using their user data and while that never stopped it from collecting data to give a better experience of Facebook.


Facebook has tried to make a legal way with the sole purpose of collecting data by making an app that pays for letting it access the data. It is the type of app that pays for letting it access your data once you install it on your device. Some might think it’s fine but it is compromising your privacy at different levels as your digital life is accessed by them. In some of these Browing data and your browsing activity is monitored with the app and the data is recorded by your permission as you install and accept the terms and conditions. Now Facebook came up with a new research app that will stay on the device monitoring the usage done by users paying them.

The Market Research app by Facebook is called “Viewpoints” and works with the reward system that pays for the surveys that the user takes. As per Facebook, the data collected will be used for the development of its products and services like WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, etc. The app is available for both ios and android devices on their respective app stores. You can take surveys and send data that the app requests for and get the reward paid through Paypal.


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