YouTube Brings Changes In Policies

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Right now the governments and officials are most concerned about privacy on the internet and while every tech giant is getting hit Google got hit at YouTube as well. There are people from worldwide using youtube and this includes kids and adults from all the age groups making it a complex platform. While the viewers or users are from a wide range of age the content is as complex as it can be that include gaming, singing, vines, and many other popular things as well. YouTube did try to make it clear that kids can have a different platform and content so there are no issues or kids accessing things they shouldn’t but that doesn’t mean kids are not using YouTube.

Now there has been a lot of action going on about privacy and how it’s concerning that companies are using the personal data of users. To make the platform safer for kids now YouTube has made changes to how videos will be uploaded by content creators. The content creator will have to flag their video if they are for kids or not to make sure the videos are safe for kids and the data doesn’t get monitored. Videos that get flagged for kids while uploading will be safe and no data will be monitored or collected from the viewers of these videos.

These changes will take place soon enough and have become a lot of trouble for content creators on YouTube as they have to decide which category they fall in. This will also reduce revenue for the video as the ad revenue will no be available making it a hard to swallow pill. Youtube will also use its AI to find videos that might not be flagged properly and it can lead to fine on content creators if they fail to follow this change.

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