Cybersecurity Compromised in Implementation of My Health Record

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Australian National Audit Office has found out and highlighted the issue of compromised cybersecurity of data that is under My Health Record. $1.2 bn My Health Record system implementation didn’t go well and failed to maintain the cybersecurity creating the risk of a breach. The process did go well but the security risks are still there and the agency can’t guarantee the legitimacy of individual data viewed in emergency access requests. As per the Australian National Audit Office, the cybersecurity was not done properly and management wasn’t good enough. The Australian Digital Health Agency is responsible for this and Nation Electronic Health Records are handled by this agency.

The different private data of people are saved by private firms and even government officials that are used for research or providing better services. This data belongs to people and somehow this is at high risk looking at the track record of data breaches. There have been cases of companies stealing data, selling data without customers’ permission and even buying data from other sources. The whole business is running around the personal data of internet users so having such records compromised isn’t a good thing. Implementation of My Health Record didn’t have managed cybersecurity and is vulnerable to third-party apps and websites. This record keeps the uploaded clinical data of patients that are supposed to help take care of patients better. 

This system isn’t the most used and completely depends on doctors to upload the data of patients that are kept in records. Officials tried to imply this system hastily and so such issues have arisen leading to many problems. Security issues and unsure secure records that are vulnerable to third party apps and websites are no good with privacy risks that are high.


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