California’s Sweeping Privacy Law To be Honored by Microsoft Across US

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Recently the entire world is taking the privacy issues quite serious and a lot of official laws are getting implemented. First in Europe and now in California Officials have taken strict actions bringing privacy protection laws. These laws are mainly made to stop tech giants from compromising the privacy of customers and using their data for self profit. Some tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are the ones that are most affected by these laws as they have businesses running on the user’s data. Now California Privacy Law is on and Microsoft is going along this change after it followed the European Privacy Laws recently.

The laws followed that privacy as a right for people and the law provided Californians this right with new laws. Microsoft has Vowed to follow the new laws and while keeping at it implement it throughout the entire US. There was a blog that represented Microsoft and the steps that the tech giant is going to take. Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft Julie Brill mentioned that Microsoft will implement the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) across the whole United States. These new laws will be in effect starting next year and the changes will be seen in 2020 as well.

The CCPA is very much strict on companies and makes sure that user data and their privacy is crystal clear between the company and the user. The customer gets to know what data is getting collected by the company and how it is getting used and if sold then where. Users can choose how the data will be used and making it very much operative to ensure privacy safety. Microsft seems to be making sure that no changes made by officials are left unnoticed and everything is implemented as it should be.

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