Telegram Founder says WhatsApp and Facebook App are spying tools

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There was a post by Telegram founder Pavel Durov on his telegram channel that was attacking directly WhatsApp and Facebook. Both WhatsApp and Facebook are quite popular with the social media platform. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone telling you that these apps are keeping you as a user under surveillance. Facebook was even in the spotlight for using users’ data and is always accessing data of customers. Now that WhatsApp is under Facebook it would be natural that some policies will be implied on the chatting app by the company.

According to Pavel people should delete WhatsApp for their own good if they don’t want to be under surveillance the entire time. His words were indicating that WhatsApp not only has the conversations it also spies on users’ storage and images etc. Pavel alerts users that the personal images and messages are at risk as long as people are using the WhatsApp messenger. Facebook the bigger and older app as per Telegrams founder is spying and monitoring on customers for an even longer time. WhatsApp just added to this after the messaging app was bought by Facebook. These were the facts that Pavel put forward and privacy breach and surveillance of users isn’t something new about Facebook. 

At the international level as well Facebook is attacked with similar facts and acts of stealing data or using data of users. There have been some cases as well when there were flaws and a new update was needed to patch the issues that were not minor. Even recently WhatsApp was forcing users to update the app as there was a major security flaw. Cases of Facebook are quite famous and recently as well FB app was silently breaching the privacy of users. 


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