Facebook and Google Surveillance is breaking humans Rights law – Amnesty International

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Facebook and Google have recently been in the news for some time for breaching customers’ privacy by stealing data. Facebook has done it multiple times and is reported by different sources while Google is always using customer’s data for business. Google uses customers’ data for advertising business and now with new laws, this wouldn’t be allowed. The tech giant had a whole business running just by the customer’s data and smart advertisements based on that data. Amnesty International has put some light on this statement in a report that this use of customer data is harming people’s privacy. Human rights include privacy and each time the tech giants collect users’ data for business it’s harming those rights. 

Amnesty has made it clear for those that take privacy taken for granted that it’s human right to have freedom and opinions or thoughts while this surveillance by companies is against this. Almost all these tech giants have their customers under surveillance all the time and their data accessible for business. While dominating the daily life of humans Google and Facebook also are dominating the basics rights. The billions of users that these tech giants have worldwide get monetized and their data become the property for companies.

Further, these companies have been making a mainstream business using such personal data of users. Facebook dominates the internet with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Google searches, YouTube, make the online surfing info of users breaches their privacy. On top of everything, Google has the majority of smartphones with Android under them showing how dependent people are on it. Whatever be the case such business based on users’ data and accessing it by monitoring users is taking basic human rights. Some strict actions are needed and Amnesty International isn’t the only one bringing this up. 


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