Websites will be allowed to Block personalized Ads

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Google has allowed some changes in how websites and apps want to handle personalized Ads and they can now block such ads as well. There are new privacy laws in California that bought these changes and Google under these laws will allow blocking of personalized Ads. CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act will be in action from 2020 has changed the way companies use users’ data. Companies now will allow users not to let their data be used for business as to how user data is sold now. Personalized Ads are the widely used type of ads over the internet and are ads based on users’ data.

All the websites and apps that use Google’s Advertising services are going to get involved with the changes. These apps and websites can now block personalized ads for users within California and some other places under this Privacy Law. Advertisements cost quite a fortune to advertisers and personalized ads cost more than that sometimes while they figure out the user’s data. According to customer’s data of browsing history, internet surfing behavior, and interests the ads are decided. It’s good that such personalized Ads based on users’ data will now be blocked privacy of users will be more secure. 

As per Google no more user data will be collected or stored for any type of advertising purpose. The new California privacy law sure takes under the advertisers that use Google’s tool for advertising. Google itself is now under spot with the most used advertising system is getting restricted and Google no longer can collect data for advertising purposes. This Privacy law is similar to European data protection regulations that put huge internet companies under spot. Companies like Facebook, Google, etc get affected by such laws and regulations and get restricted from using customer data. 


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