Microsoft to Change Cloud Contract terms Following EU authorities warning

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There are more and more cases of big companies failing to keep their customers happy with the privacy and private data handling. Microsoft was also under such a situation when it failed to keep up with European data protection terms and was in the news for the same. Now Microsoft came up with the solution by making changes in their Cloud Contract terms to follow up with the customer’s privacy issues. European authorities are the ones that put light on this issue and made Microsoft bring changes to their terms.

European Union data protection authorities warned Microsoft about the issue with their Cloud services term. The cloud contract terms of Microsoft were not following European data protection rules and so got Microsoft into a position where changes needed. Privacy concerns were raised by authorities on the terms that Microsoft was putting to the customers. Microsoft is a tech giant and the number of customers is too big to overlook any of the terms related to users’ data and companies’ services. For better or good Microsoft took the issue seriously and made proper changes that suit the customers and authorities. 

As per Microsoft’s spokesperson, the update will be made to these terms in the OST (Online Services Terms) following the warning by EU authorities. The warning was given to the tech giant in October and the changes in their Cloud Contract terms will be public by 2020. The services and data processing of user will be more transparent to users to make it more clean and reliable. It’s a good thing that the tech giant showed seriousness over privacy and transparency of data while accepting that it will be better with the changes made now. 

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