Nintendo switch Data Breach

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Nintendo is one of the most popular gaming console manufacturers out there. It does have a huge number of users and has a huge database of them just like any other company. It happened recently that there were rumors of a data breach at Nintendo but this was finally confirmed by the company. The company did suffer a data breach that has compromised a large number of user’s data. The data was not so personal or sensitive but it did make the login IDs and passwords get into the hands of attackers. Just like any data breach the number of affect people is huge due to a large number of Nintendo customers. 

The number of compromised Nintendo Network Network ID Accounts is around 160,000 as per reports. There have been multiple reporting of unusual activities on accounts of many users as well. Unauthorized purchases, as well as logins, were seen by users that later lead to the unfolding of a data breach incident. The company revealed this on 24 april that the online login details were compromised during a data breach. This was still undisclosed that how the data breach happened or how the hackers maaged to do it. Unauthorized purchases made by hackers using the compromised accounts were also hightlighted by the company.

A few things have changed for the company as the data breach also included some user’s personal data. This was the email address and bate of birth of NNIDs users that got compromised. NNIDs were the old method of logging in and the company was keeping it so old accounts can be accessed by users. Now with this data breach, Nintendo is going to ditch NNIDs for good, and users will need to use the email addresses to log in on old accounts.

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