Telegram Adding Secured Video Call Option Soon

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Telegram is one of the most leading platforms and you can chat with anyone you want through Telegram. The application offers you more features like you can share anything you want with anyone through Telegram. The quality of the file won’t get affected, unlike other applications. The users can share images, videos, APK files, documents, etc. through Telegram and it consumes fewer data. The application is available on the Play Store for Android users and on App Store for iOS users. Telegram is a small application with lots of premium features and they are accessible easily and are convenient to use.

We can make calls through Telegram right now to anyone who’s having the Telegram application but soon we will be able to make video calls through the application. They won’t be your normal video calls like the video calls we can make through a lot of other apps. Telegram is claiming that their video calls will be end to end encrypted to make them secure. This feature makes your video calls secure and trust-worthy. There are a lot of applications available out there and they even claim that their calls are secure but actually they aren’t. We need something like Telegram right now because safety is a priority.

In this Coronavirus Pandemic, people can’t go outside so we all have to work from home and need something to rely on. Telegram won’t disappoint us because their current version is stable too and we haven’t faced any major bug in the application so far. People are getting excited after Telegram’s announcement and you can expect this update in the application later this year. Telegram won’t make major changes in their application but the video call feature will be a hit. This feature will affect the rivalries of Telegram out there.

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