Facebook Dating Restricted Before Launch In Eu

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One of the biggest companies running on the internet includes Facebook that was primarily a social media platform. Facebook has grown rapidly taking over other leading messaging and social media platforms. WhatsApp and Instagram were the big moves and yet again Facebook is trying to move forward in a similar direction. A dating app by Facebook isn’t much of a surprise as it was expected and rumored but surprisingly it was blocked in Eu. It was recently when Facebook dating was going to be launched but it was officially blocked before launching in Europe.

The Facebook dating app was blocked due to the failure of privay transpiracy by the company. For such services to become a thing they need to be safe and it is made sure by officials thoroughly. Facebook somehow didn’t make it clear to how they are keeping privacy working in this upcoming service. Privacy risk assessment is an important part of such social services¬† It is a good thing that officials have gotten strict with privacy policies after the new laws have come to action. Facebook has been working on Facebook dating for some time now and has already launched this service at different places.

It was in 2018 when Facebook committed to the dating platform following Tinder and started working on it. Within a few months, the testing of dating service was started and slowly it was launched in various places. Ameria and Asia were also getting this service soon enough and Europe was supposed to get it in early 2020. It did happen in early 2020 but somehow the strict privacy laws happened to clock the launch right before it happened. Failure of making privacy assessment clear is quite careless of Facebook and shows how Facebook is overlooking privacy laws.

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