2.4 Million Wyze Customers Vulnerable To Data Breach

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This year has kept us busy with a lot of privacy concerns and yet again there is another one of the data breaches that put a lot of data at risk. Every time a data breach happens it is all the data that is present at the source that becomes vulnerable. This data is mostly the data that the company collects from the customers and sometimes its personal data. Now this time reports are that Wyze a security camera startup came across a data breach that has made 2.4 million of its customer’s data vulnerable. The number of users that were about to lose their data to an attacker is large here as well.

The Security Camera Startup should be the one to make things secure but it seems like Wyze failed to somehow keep the data safe. It is said that the incident happened while a data transfer was taking place to a new database. The data breach happened the data was left exposed during the transfer. An employee is said to fail in keeping the security protocols during the transfer. This is an accident yet it can’t be overlooked that2.4 million users were put under risk of and their data was exposed to any attack.

The data doesn’t seem to have anything sensitive but has information on height, weight, and other medical data. Like most of the possible data breach, this one is also not evidently dangerous as the data doesn’t seem to be accessed. The login tokens seem to be safe and haven’t been accessed but they signed out all the users. Users might face their security camera rebooting due to the generation of new tokens. New security actions will also be taken by the company and they surely wouldn’t want to get into anything like a data breach.

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