Data Breach At Moss Adams

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A well-known firm from the US is Moss Adams and this firm has reportedly faced a data breach and possible data leak. The leading public accounting firm recently reported that it has faced a data breach and possibly the data was exposed as well. This data mentioned includes names and social security numbers of their customers and it is accepted the data breach took place. The cyberattack has potentially made the data accessible to the attacker as described by the firm itself. Moss Adams has partially explained how this attack took place and seems like the attacker accessed one of the emails.

The cyberattack incident was made public recently by the firm whereas it seems the breach happened in October. One of the employee’s email account showed unusual activity in October and that seems to be the source of this breach. The data accessible with that email account got vulnerable and it is not made clear by the firm to what and whose data it was. Information of some employees and customers seem to be present on the email that was accessed. This data of customers and employees were all that attackers could have collected from that email.

As per Moss Adams, the attack did take place and the data got vulnerable to the attacker but the details are not made clear. The data of customers and employees or both might have been on that email and this is also not made clear. The number of victims to this data breach is also not disclosed by the firm. The firm does mentions that they have made sure this doesn’t happen again and the attack gets contained. The people that got affected by this attack are offered free credit monitoring service by the company to make up for this.

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