PayPal Scam Running On Facebook

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In recent years the number of cybercrimes has increased rapidly. The number of small and big incidents of cybercrimes like data breaches and scams are happening more often. A new such crime is discovered recently that can cost you some of your balance. Social media platforms are the biggest and simplest way to find people to scam. The reason is that it is easy to fake identity and find victims that are naive enough to fall for scams.

A scam running on Facebook uses PayPal to scam you by pretending to be someone you know. The scam is quite complex in a way and involves different stages as hacker makes you send money to them. The victim is made to send money to a bank account in exchange for the same amount in their PayPal account. There is no loss in simple terms as the victim does get money in Paypal in exchange for money them transferring to a bank account. This money in their Paypal account disappears in some days and that’s when the scam is complete.

People are unaware of the fact that Paypal allows chargeback and so they end up losing the money. The money sen through bank transfer cant is taken back by any normal means. Hackers use a hacked Facebook account and a victim to a scam by pretending to need money. There are multiple hackers running this scam and a single hacker is earning around $2500 a day. This scam is sneaky but it does make the victim fall for it without actually forcing them to do things.

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