Multiple Data Breaches From Canadian Officials

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There have been a lot of data breaches in the last few years all over the world with both private and government targeted. The news has been around once in a while reporting different data breaches and bugs resulting in compromised data. A report has come out that shows a huge number of data breaches that happened in Canada. This report isn’t just about data breaches but the data breaches for which the government was responsible. It is natural for a report covering two years’ worth of data breach event to have a huge number but this one counts 7992 breaches in total.

The report has it that ten government departments have faced 7992 events of a data breach in Canada in the last two years. The number of data breaches is huge and so is the number of people affected by it directly or indirectly. 144,000 Canadians are affected by these data breaches that took place at different government agencies and departments. This report was placed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in response to an order paper. 10 different entities were involved in these 7992 data breaches affecting 144,000 individuals in total from these small and huge breaches.

Data breaches aren’t so rare at the current stage looking at the events in the past. The government is supposed to handle all such concerning events but the government itself is failing at it. The number of data breaches reported and the number of individuals affected is also large. This is alarming as well as concerning as not only citizens but the government workers were affected by it. Data of different types depending on agencies and departments were leaked and surely it has high chances that confidential or personal data was compromised at some stage.

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