Google To Ditch Cookies

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The tech giants and all the online networks are under the radar of officials since last year after privacy concerns were raised. So many cases of compromising of user’s privacy have been discovered last year that now it’s hard to tell how much secure anyone is. Many huge companies like Google and Facebook are involved in data collection from users and it was undiscovered for many years. These tech and networking companies are always collecting data from users for different purposes and some of the motives are never found. Alphabet-owned Google used the data collected to make targeted ads for users.

Ads are the major part of this data collection as user data is used to show targeted ads. A large amount of money is earned by companies by selling data or by making targeted ads. Users see ads related to things they search, watch or surf through while using the internet and this shows the surveillance is real. It might seem uncomfortable but the truth is privacy is actually at risk. Even a large number of data breaches come across news every once in a while so how long before someone uses your data or actually steals it.

In a blog post, Googe has said they will remove cookies by 2020 and it is following the privacy issues. Google is going to remove or restrict the third-party cookies from their No. 1 browser in the world Chrome. An internet browsing without cookies is not the simplest thing but Google has put up the word. Not many companies would like the idea but Google is on the Privacy Sandbox for making the internet better for users. User data will be safer and third parties won’t actually be able to access things from users.


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