Google’s December Security Bulletin Revels Severe Flaw

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Smartphones have been vulnerable to many different types of issues and flaws related to security for a long time. Be it iPhones, or Android both the leading smartphones have been flawed multiple times with the different levels of threat that can sometimes be dangerous. A very serious threat present in android devices was recently revealed by Google in its December Security Bulletin. The level of threat for this flaw is set as “most severe” and that just means its not a regular flaw or issue that can be overlooked. Other than this flaw there were two more flaws that were flagged as critical while the third one is most dangerous so far.

According to Google, this flaw can lead to bricking your android phone and it can cause you a whole lot of trouble. The denial of services can be triggered on your android due to a message crafted for the purpose. The only way to fix this issue before you become a victim to it is to update the latest December security patch for Android devices. The thing about this flaw is that not everyone is affected by it and the android devices affected by it are only 8.0 to android 10.

The cause of this problem seems to be the fact that android devices usually don’t get security patches regularly. Many of the androids don’t even get security patches after some time while others receive it later but not on the actual time. This issue CVE-2019-2232 is not solved with new security patch and everyone is suggested to update asap. Those devices that don’t receive security updates have no way to fix the issue and so less known brand devices might not receive the patch. Google devices will be the first one to receive this patch for android devices.

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